Hello Loverly Readers ♥

I sincerely apologize for not being able to blog this month! Unfortunately, my computer crashed, deleting the post I was working on! ☹  On top of that, I just got back in town from vacation. 


Sometimes we all need a breather from our everyday life. Cozumel happened to mine!!! ✌  Now that I am rejuvenated and back to a routine, I can focus more fully on my blog. I have made a few posts on My Facebook page for Mermaids That Lift. 

To those who have not seen it:

“It will not be easy; rather, it will be a constant struggle. Even when you relapse, do not give up!! Forgive yourself and then move forward. For years I would beat myself up every time I had a relapse. It accomplished nothing except feeding into my sickness causing myself pain. Now if I were to relapse, it does not mean that I have failed! I reassess what went wrong, make a promise to myself, then forgive and move on. Life doesn’t stop; why should we? Because of a mere mistake? We are imperfect. Imperfectly beautiful… Move on and do better next time….”

I had posted this to my Facebook because I had in fact relapsed not that long ago. No one said the fight for a healthy life would be easy! I just want others to know, perfection is not required. Never giving up, is!!! I am just like everyone else…..🙈
So what if I had a relapse … I am still alive and WILL continue to strive to do better the next day. How we THINK has a powerful effect on our success.

With that confession, it IS….On to the next #Justsaying 🙌


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My website was created to help me, help you, love ourselves. I am trying to reach as many Active, Beautiful women that I can. I am directing focus on those who have had or have an eating disorder. I am hoping to provide the hope and inspiration needed to reach the hearts of those suffering internally and letting you know that everything will be ok.

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