A.M. vs P.M.

It’s going up…. in the A.M.

The last couple of months, I have been going to the gym in the morning more than the evening. Honestly, I never really thought that it mattered what time of day you went to the gym as long as you got your workout in. If your food calories are in check for the day, you burn calories when working out, then gym TIME should bear no relevance on your goals. Nevertheless, I would like to take a peek at the facts.

Calories in vs. out


Scientifically speaking, Appalachian State University’s Dr. Scott Collier research compiled results stating, “In all cases, those who exercised at 7 a.m. experienced about a 10 percent reduction in blood pressure that carried through the remainder of the day. They also had about a 25 percent dip in blood pressure at night, slept longer and had more beneficial sleep cycles than when they exercised at other times of the day.” (ASU News) So, better sleep as we see through this study is one benefit to working out in the morning. Please Refer to “Sleep to Beauty” post  for more informatin regarding sleep. Morning workout routines, also allow you to have more free time in the evening, and start the day off with more energy along with mood enhancement. Having a more morning workout regimen may be easier to stick to due to the allotted free time during the rest of the day, which in turn directs us to consistency.

Honestly, regardless of what time you go to the gym, you must have motivation, determination, and consistency to attain any goals in life (not just fitness goals).


Workouts later in the day have benefits too. My personal fave is the tension and stress release from the work day. I feel so much better mentally after exerting myself physically. I want to say that it helps me with stiffness due to working in an office and sitting at a desk all day. *note that whenever you do decide to workout, please stretch* A 2010 study published in the journal Chronobiology International determined that as body and environmental temperature increase in late afternoon, so does enzyme activity and muscular function, so you can work out at your peak from about 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Birch, 2014) With your body being more awake opposed to the morning, you will have more strength and endurance to work out in the evenings. Evening work outs do not conflict with sleep patterns unless you take a pre-work out that has not worn off or highly sensitive to caffeine.

Personally, I do both. There are benefits to going at either time. All in all, do whatever is easier for you to be consistent and works with your personal schedule.♥♥

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My website was created to help me, help you, love ourselves. I am trying to reach as many Active, Beautiful women that I can. I am directing focus on those who have had or have an eating disorder. I am hoping to provide the hope and inspiration needed to reach the hearts of those suffering internally and letting you know that everything will be ok.

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