HappiLy EVer aftEr

So many beginnings start that way. The misconception of what you think a happily ever after is. So is there ever actually happiness? Is it truly achievable?

I talk to so many people, trying to help others, and everyone is struggling. But that doesn’t mean that they are not happy, but in some cases, they have been so far from happiness they never knew it was something that existed for them. Personally, I believe happiness is in various moments that create happiness. I don’t think it is something you achieve like a goal that you finally reached. You anticipate pain, sorrow, heartache and appreciate those victories as they come… the little moments that you look back on and smile. 

Struggling is part of life, and those that don’t know what that is… feel blessed and get over yourself. (To those people that I know that were given everything and feel entitled are selfish and have no appreciation or empathy for anyone but themselves.) 

Sometimes you believe that if you reach this job, marry this person, seek adventure in this country or state, move to this place, become this person everything will just work out… those things can be fleeting and don’t deliver everlasting happiness.

Love you, know your worth and appreciate your struggles and your strengths. Allow yourself to find you and never settle. When you settle, you invite sadness… you invite hatred… anger… resentment. Anything that comes into your life should add to it, not take away from it.  If it does let it go, Don’t be stupid! I hate to say that… but so many of us settle, and we lose ourselves in a life we never wanted. Make wise choices… learn from others and actually listen to sound advice. 

So many people think others are trying to control them with advice… maybe the one giving advice actually loves you and wants the best for you, seeing something you don’t. Life should be 80-20 of happiness no matter what outside tragedies strike. When it isn’t, something is wrong. RUN LIKE HELL and listen to your gut. Things don’t just get better, people don’t just change. And lastly never believe words, believe actions… believe experiences.  

To all those settling, know your worth before you become part of a game of cat and mouse and lose out on what could have been or should have been. And if you are in a life that you don’t want and have to stay in it… find happiness around you and in others that you can help, but especially in yourself because that is who you will always be with.

Published by Ashrielle

My website was created to help me, help you, love ourselves. I am trying to reach as many Active, Beautiful women that I can. I am directing focus on those who have had or have an eating disorder. I am hoping to provide the hope and inspiration needed to reach the hearts of those suffering internally and letting you know that everything will be ok.

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