Interview of the Mermaid that Lifts

Hello ♥ Merfollowers

Ashrielle Writing: I am a 5’2″, little Sicilian, Disney Mermaid obsessed, fitness lover!

My initial love for fitness started at the age of 16, by college I was determined to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree from American Military University in Sports and Health Sciences. I had started my education there, taking a few classes and receiving a 4.0 in those health classes. However, my interest was divided. So, I decided to study Criminal Justice obtaining my Associates of Science in Criminal Justice (May 2015)/Certification of General studies (2014). Though, I love Criminal Justice my true love is fitness! I decided to chase my true love and create this site to help others and get my certification as a Personal Trainer.

Certificates thus far: Personal Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and Diet/Weight Loss Diploma – Shaw Academy

The key to ultimate success is to implement a healthier approach to eating and fitness. 

Note to Reader: This blog is to get me to my personal goals, inspire others, be inspired, and constantly progress physically and mentally while helping others 😀 Let the inspiration begin!!

16 thoughts on “Interview of the Mermaid that Lifts

  1. I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments and over stepping those hurdles that God has set for you. U are truly an inspiration to me and I love u always! Keep up your dreams and God will NOT let you fail.


    1. Awwwwwwwwe!!!!!!! Thanks love! Since I met you, you were my fitspirtion and helped me with some of these battles as much as you could! Thank you for always being there ❧


  2. Ashrielle, sometimes I struggle with my self image as well. I appreciate your site, in its honesty. I hope I can learn from this as well


    1. Ms. Maggie,

      It’s so sad that most of us women are not able to love our bodies. We strive to look a certain way due to media, friends, family, and even our own perception of how body should look to reach perfection. But what we must realize that we are beautiful no matter what size we are! You are beautiful with a even more beautiful heart! That’s perfection within the Imperfection we live 💗


  3. I love you the way you are! But… I am also proud of you for doing what makes you happy and opening up about your personal struggles to help others. You go girl!!


  4. Thought I was gonna be the first to comment but i’m late. Just wanna say that even though we only spoke shortly when Keisha introduced me to you at one of the conventions in Hammond; but I just want to say that I think you’re a beautiful person and not only physically! You’re drive and determination is very inspirational to a lot of people as noted by the 1000 hits 😁m Keep up the good work and may Jehovah continue to bless your efforts and endeavors. Keep thriving and no matter what any one else tells ya you’re a Mermaid 😉 Arielle ain’t got nothin on ya lol


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