HappiLy EVer aftEr

So many beginnings start that way. The misconception of what you think a happily ever after is. So is there ever actually happiness? Is it truly achievable?

I talk to so many people, trying to help others, and everyone is struggling. But that doesn’t mean that they are not happy, but in some cases, they have been so far from happiness they never knew it was something that existed for them. Personally, I believe happiness is in various moments that create happiness. I don’t think it is something you achieve like a goal that you finally reached. You anticipate pain, sorrow, heartache and appreciate those victories as they come… the little moments that you look back on and smile. 

Struggling is part of life, and those that don’t know what that is… feel blessed and get over yourself. (To those people that I know that were given everything and feel entitled are selfish and have no appreciation or empathy for anyone but themselves.) 

Sometimes you believe that if you reach this job, marry this person, seek adventure in this country or state, move to this place, become this person everything will just work out… those things can be fleeting and don’t deliver everlasting happiness.

Love you, know your worth and appreciate your struggles and your strengths. Allow yourself to find you and never settle. When you settle, you invite sadness… you invite hatred… anger… resentment. Anything that comes into your life should add to it, not take away from it.  If it does let it go, Don’t be stupid! I hate to say that… but so many of us settle, and we lose ourselves in a life we never wanted. Make wise choices… learn from others and actually listen to sound advice. 

So many people think others are trying to control them with advice… maybe the one giving advice actually loves you and wants the best for you, seeing something you don’t. Life should be 80-20 of happiness no matter what outside tragedies strike. When it isn’t, something is wrong. RUN LIKE HELL and listen to your gut. Things don’t just get better, people don’t just change. And lastly never believe words, believe actions… believe experiences.  

To all those settling, know your worth before you become part of a game of cat and mouse and lose out on what could have been or should have been. And if you are in a life that you don’t want and have to stay in it… find happiness around you and in others that you can help, but especially in yourself because that is who you will always be with.

The New You

Most of you probably aren’t even following this anymore. I am not quite sure what possessed me to even write today. My life has changed so much that my love for fitness isn’t quite where it used to be. 

I barely go to the gym. I do walk as much as I can though. California is pedestrian friendly. Whereas, the parts I was from in Louisiana, an automobile was a necessity. There was no way I was walking out there. The weather here is pretty legit right now. Fall weather is amazing, just as an FYI. 

The love I have is purely for my husband. That man is my everything, so much so that I don’t really find enjoyment in hobbies at the moment. I just love being home, and doing my wifely duties and being a dog mom to our little man. I am not going to lie, I get pissed off about always cleaning LOL, because I work full time as well as my hard working man. But there is a solemn of peace knowing that this is my life now. I love being his wife. I love having assurance, security, and a routine. It’s our life. No one else, just us. Don’t get me wrong marriage comes with it’s own tribulations (as the bible states) but its’ our tribulations, it’s our love, and our family. 

Appreciating that aspect of life sometimes takes time. But I remember what it felt like being single. Sure, I had loads of freedom. But I always wanted my person, my family, and my vision of what life should be for me. I traveled, I met personal goals, I had fun, I dated, I worked, I did what I thought I needed to do for me… but in all that I always needed Jehovah and a love of my own. Now that I have both, I feel fulfilled. There will always be ups and downs. Yet, that’s the great part. It’s with the same person and when you get through it, you both are that much stronger together and more in love than ever. 

I listened to an excerpt of a video today. On that podcast, the guy stated that you cant fall out of love with someone you have a connection with. >>How true<< You always love that person and are in love with that person no matter if they hurt you. There are others that you have loved a long the way and never forget, but if you don’t get that feeling or have that connection.. it was never true to begin with. And that’s how it is with my husband, when I knew that I wanted to marry him, it didn’t matter what we went through, he was the only man in the world that gave me butterflies, that made me cry happy tears, and made me fall in love more than the day before. Love is not all roses, but it is worth fighting for when you know that you cant live without that person.. you can try to run from it but there is no denying when you see that person that they are your person, our everything. 

So, as of right now my current life is more interesting to write about to me versus fitness. Even though I love it and there are tons of information out there, you can always visit those sites… as for my site, I write about that is on my mind and what I am completely devoted to. Writers block is real, I cant write about Fitness in a way that I feel even made a difference to others. 

If you don’t want to follow this blog or read it that’s OK, like I said, I write about my desires, passions, and happiness… Fitness is just not my priority right now. I eat healthy, I am active, but not a gym rat or fitness obsessed. I’m a Mermaid that Lifts the Wifey life. 

Hope you enjoyed my rant, agape love xoxo. 

L-Y-F with Beauty & Beyond

Typically I would write about fitness or something pertaining to health. However, this post I am going to write about life – my perspective of it.

Within a year I left home and moved across the country away from my family and friends. I completely separated myself from my entire life, uprooted and took a chance on something I thought was worth giving it up all for.

Luckily, what I took a chance on is working out for the best. Have you ever taken a chance? Can you? Most people live behind excuses… live for others… create a preconceived life in their head that they have to live out. I too was one of those people until life happened and changed everything I thought I was supposed to have or would have. So what do you do? Do you give up on your dreams? Do you wallow in pity or self-loathing? Do you blame others?

When my life changed, I probably did all those things until I realized that change is good and life can be beautiful even if you don’t get the things that you THINK you need or want. Sometimes doors open to make a better future and other doors close to teach you lessons for better or for worse that make you grow for whats coming. Change is what we make it… do we look out in gloom or in hope.


Personally, I do both. My inclination bends toward gloom due to fear that I possess. The chance I took is my new life! He is my entire world and losing him scares me half to death. We aren’t always given second chances. When we are given them, take them and run with it in happiness and hope. The world is gloomy all on its own, be the brightness this world needs and the only brightness you will have in your own life.

As always Agape Love,

Ashrielle xoxo

Tis the season to veggi-tear-ian


  I am happy to announce that I am experimenting with vegetarianism. Honestly, this was not my idea! The things we do for our friends….he he! Heck, if it gives me more energy or makes me feel better, why not. The only way to know what works for our bodies is to experiment. LET’S DO THIS!

Ok, I’m not going to lie, this first week I will probably eat eggs… yes, I know what you all may be thinking, but hear me out! According to Jolinda Hacket on The Spruce, vegetarians can and do eat eggs. However, the technical term for it is called, “Ovo- Vegetarian”. So, that will be me for the next two weeks. PLEASE do NOT leave me messages to debate what you think or how you feel about what a “true” vegetarian is. I don’t care. LOL!

I am just doing this to support my friend and to see what my body does. Since I have started Mermaidsthatlift.com, I have dropped back to my normal weight. I went from 110 to 115 all the way up to 140! O M G. I’m pretty short soooooo that’s a big deal for me, personally. I am not talking about anyone but me here, so please do not get offended. I am not really sure what I weigh now because I refuse to weigh myself. However, my size 2’s fit and my size 4’s are big! WIN. Even more of a WIN that I did everything COMPLETELY HEALTHY. I ate… ate a lot of calorie nutrient foods and kept active. I actually don’t even lift weights like I used to. I lift probably 2 to 3 times a week and the rest is hiking, walking, swimming, errands, cleaning, or whatever will keep me doing. What I gained is being more comfortable in my own skin, and I didn’t completely degrade myself like I used to or turn to old habits that were destructive. I kept telling myself that I am beautiful and that I will be healthy. Daily affirmations guys… DO IT EVERY DAY. I still may not feel beautiful or think I look the best all the time, but that’s normal. I just keep going and if I am negative one day, I try to be more positive the next. Life is about choices. So, make the choice that is best for you.

Any who, about this ovo-vegetarianism… it’s day one. I am hungry everything couple of hours grrr… but when I eat my veggies and my fruits, I get full quicker. Then my hanger subsides. Day one is OK so far. I will continue with updates on this two-week journey.

xoxo to my merloves ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Whacks 4 Facts ✎


BCAAs… What is that? Do they work? What exactly do they do? Can they harm your body?

Many people take supplements without truly understanding the purpose of using them. They just buy the outfits or the supplements because that’s what fitness gurus say to do. Do you think that is really going to help you lose weight if you don’t know how to use them properly or what exactly their purpose is?? #false
To define BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) refer to three amino acids consisting of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They are utilized for muscle growth and recovery. These amino acids can be bought at Wal-Mart or any fitness store around your area in a powder or liquid supplement form. You will want to ingest approximately 5-10 g per dose. (Sarah Mattison Berndt )They range at about $19 and up. You can also find them online at different fitness websites: Bodybuilding.com, supplementwarehouse.com, just to name a few. However, these amino acids are in everyday foods, such as meat, eggs, poultry and nuts.
BCAAs can be used for those looking to gain muscle mass and to shred body fat while maintaining lean muscle. BCAAs do work when used properly! Those who are cutting calories would want to ingest BCAAs because muscle loss will occur during this phase. The BCAAs will increase the protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown. (myprotein.com) Jack Crabtree states, “BCAAs are incredibly beneficial to take pre-workout during a fast to fuel your muscles, giving you energy and encouraging them to grow whilst you burn fat!”
The great news is BCAAs are not harmful! [consult your doctor prior to taking any supplements and always listen to your body] Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing as the saying goes!! Be moderate and balanced in all aspects of your life: mental, physical and spiritual health. Remember, just because you’re taking a supplement does not mean, it is a cure-all. Some believe that taking a pill, drinking protein, using BCAAs, or taking vitamins one time will do the trick to reaching your goals. This is a lifestyle change guys! Research the facts before doing anything or putting anything into your body!
Keeping reaching for those stars ✷✷✷ my fellow merfolk! You got dis ♥

A.M. vs P.M.

It’s going up…. in the A.M.

The last couple of months, I have been going to the gym in the morning more than the evening. Honestly, I never really thought that it mattered what time of day you went to the gym as long as you got your workout in. If your food calories are in check for the day, you burn calories when working out, then gym TIME should bear no relevance on your goals. Nevertheless, I would like to take a peek at the facts.

Calories in vs. out


Scientifically speaking, Appalachian State University’s Dr. Scott Collier research compiled results stating, “In all cases, those who exercised at 7 a.m. experienced about a 10 percent reduction in blood pressure that carried through the remainder of the day. They also had about a 25 percent dip in blood pressure at night, slept longer and had more beneficial sleep cycles than when they exercised at other times of the day.” (ASU News) So, better sleep as we see through this study is one benefit to working out in the morning. Please Refer to “Sleep to Beauty” post  for more informatin regarding sleep. Morning workout routines, also allow you to have more free time in the evening, and start the day off with more energy along with mood enhancement. Having a more morning workout regimen may be easier to stick to due to the allotted free time during the rest of the day, which in turn directs us to consistency.

Honestly, regardless of what time you go to the gym, you must have motivation, determination, and consistency to attain any goals in life (not just fitness goals).


Workouts later in the day have benefits too. My personal fave is the tension and stress release from the work day. I feel so much better mentally after exerting myself physically. I want to say that it helps me with stiffness due to working in an office and sitting at a desk all day. *note that whenever you do decide to workout, please stretch* A 2010 study published in the journal Chronobiology International determined that as body and environmental temperature increase in late afternoon, so does enzyme activity and muscular function, so you can work out at your peak from about 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Birch, 2014) With your body being more awake opposed to the morning, you will have more strength and endurance to work out in the evenings. Evening work outs do not conflict with sleep patterns unless you take a pre-work out that has not worn off or highly sensitive to caffeine.

Personally, I do both. There are benefits to going at either time. All in all, do whatever is easier for you to be consistent and works with your personal schedule.♥♥

Killing your insides

    I have def been MIA for a hot minute! However, life happens… it is what it is!

I recall writing a blog regarding body dysmorphia last year, but I never really touched on the other rampant eating disorders. The most commonly known E.D.’s are Bulimia and Anorexia. Have you ever wondered why eating disorders begin in the first place?

Most of us think that people develop these disorders due to weight loss efforts which then lead to it becoming an addiction. In a sense, this can apply to some cases and is in fact part of the equation. Nevertheless, it is more deeply rooted. When you wish to lose weight, it generally stems from not liking how you look. If you are unhealthy needing to get healthy and like what you see, you have to be active and eat right. However, those who may only have a little weight to lose aka vanity pounds may actually have feelings of worthlessness, and not even realize it. AGAIN THIS IS not every case, so don’t get crazy!!!!

1 out of 100 American Females develops either disorder. (aw. 1/22/99, p.3) Anorexia is the act of abstaining from food due to fear of gaining weight. Whereas, Bulimia is the same, but the sufferer will binge and purge the food and exercise excessively to counteract the weight gain from over consumption of calories.

These disorders develop for various reasons and most of it comes back to not loving who you are entirely. I say entirely, because personally as a sufferer of both sides of the spectrum, I can attest to this previous statement. Sure I love aspects about myself and qualities that I possess, but I still fight these tendencies. Culture, emotions, genetics, surroundings, & life can all attribute to the development of this sickness. For me, I used to believe it was because of the way I see myself in the mirror… Actually I still think that, but there are emotional scars and life traumas that have attributed to how I view and feel about myself. Some people turn to: drugs, sex, alcoholism to cope with life, but for others it can be an eating disorder. It’s part of a control mechanism. Most of us that have situations happen to us know that we could not control that, but what goes in and out of bodies (Bulimia reference) can be.
I am not very good at verbal communication regarding this subject, but I can definitely write about it. In a sense this helps me continue with my fight of recovery and hopefully help others with theirs.

Awareness + Action = Success!   😝

Intuitive Eating

I get really tired of people giving different opinions about how you should or shouldn’t eat. Only you know how foods make your body feel and what works best for you.
Since I have suffered from yo-yo dieting, eating disorders and mental/ physical chaos, I decided to say (pardon me) Screw everyone Else’s opinions and do you. While researching, I came across Intuitive Eating. I loved everything I learned about it. You eat when you ARE HUNGRY and don’t when you are NOT. Period! Extremely simple, don’t you think?? The only thing is that, when you are hungry, you still need to eat nutrient dense foods.
That took me forever to accept. I reasoned that if I was only eating a certain amount of calories, the food I did put in my body could be what I craved. WRONG… for my body anyway. My body looks and works better when I eat clean. I don’t really understand the people who can literally eat garbage and still look awesome. However, I have screwed up my metabolism so much for the last ten years. I am sure that plays a substantial role in how my body metabolizes food.

Basically, my point of this post is to do research yourself, try different things, and do what makes YOU feel the best. You don’t have to be cut, you don’t have to be in competitions, and you don’t have to make anyone else happy, but you. I look at myself in the mirror or in clothes and have to like what I see.

You don’t like what I look like then don’t look at me. K THANKS BYE! Ain’t nobody got time for that, and I’m tired of striving to be what others want me to be. I’m me, you either like me or you don’t. My mental attitude of self-acceptance and mental health is more important to me than being extremely cut with extreme muscle definition. Just saying… Do you and be you, that’s the only person you can be!❤ ❤ ❤


Get your eXercise & have yOur fun 2!

Exercise can become monotonous. Monotony can almost be compared to insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again ending up with the same results. That isn’t living to me nor is it exciting by any means. Your body will get acclimated to the same exercises by the way. In order to change your body, you have to change-up your routines. What could be better than changing your “gym” routine; what about participating in activities outside the gym?

Activities that came to mind are: volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, my personal favorite: hiking, and any outdoor fun that you can think of! These activities can be more strenuous, burning more calories and working different parts of your body that you don’t normally use. I personally enjoy hiking outside of going to the gym because it is exhilarating!! I don’t even realize the time, it just flies by. I push myself effortlessly to reach my destination no matter how hard the trail may be.

I feel a sense of freedom and peace (just to mention a few other benefits/emotions experienced) when hiking! Oneness with god’s creation is an unexplainable feeling. I soak in all the colors,  the geography, animals, plants, silence from the bustling noise of cars, music of nature, every aspect of the atmosphere and find myself pondering more deeply as to how beautiful life truly is. If that’s not worth being outside of the gym to have physical activity, then I don’t know what is.

Change it up people. Live a little. Break the cycle of monotony, and move your booty. 🙆


Hello Loverly Readers ♥

I sincerely apologize for not being able to blog this month! Unfortunately, my computer crashed, deleting the post I was working on! ☹  On top of that, I just got back in town from vacation. 


Sometimes we all need a breather from our everyday life. Cozumel happened to mine!!! ✌  Now that I am rejuvenated and back to a routine, I can focus more fully on my blog. I have made a few posts on My Facebook page for Mermaids That Lift. 

To those who have not seen it:

“It will not be easy; rather, it will be a constant struggle. Even when you relapse, do not give up!! Forgive yourself and then move forward. For years I would beat myself up every time I had a relapse. It accomplished nothing except feeding into my sickness causing myself pain. Now if I were to relapse, it does not mean that I have failed! I reassess what went wrong, make a promise to myself, then forgive and move on. Life doesn’t stop; why should we? Because of a mere mistake? We are imperfect. Imperfectly beautiful… Move on and do better next time….”

I had posted this to my Facebook because I had in fact relapsed not that long ago. No one said the fight for a healthy life would be easy! I just want others to know, perfection is not required. Never giving up, is!!! I am just like everyone else…..🙈
So what if I had a relapse … I am still alive and WILL continue to strive to do better the next day. How we THINK has a powerful effect on our success.

With that confession, it IS….On to the next #Justsaying 🙌