H2O Intolerance

HAHA! What movie is that from??? …. You got it Finding NEMO!!! (Refer to the Title of the post ^^)

Seriously though, why is water so important? Is hydration necessary?

First off, adult bodies are comprised of approximately 60% of water. (water.usgs.gov) Water is dispersed throughout our vital organs and our blood plasma. Secondly, it regulates our body’s internal body temperature and metabolizes proteins and carbohydrates. Third, it flushes out waste and toxins in our bodies.

Obviously it is beneficial and mandatory; say the least, to drink water! Hydration is absolutely necessary because our bodies need water to survive. We would only live about 3-5 days without it. The general rule of thumb is to drink about 8 glasses a day. However, depending on your fitness levels, you may need to drink even more. For myself, I have to drink one gallon a day or I cannot quench my thirst and feel dehydrated. Just to name another perk of drinking water is when you think you are hungry, drink water; you may find your body actually needed only water. The absolute best thing about water is THERE ARE NO CALORIES. HOLLA!!!

Water = “Magic Pill”, so drink up! #leggo#thirstylife  ✌ 

Sleep to Beauty 💤

Sleeping is an essential part of recovery. Your body needs rest! Let me tell you….. If you ignore it, it will catch up to you. I had gone weeks without sleep and then my body started to shut down. Caffeine was no longer working, my immune system was getting weak, and my brain function was non efficient. I had that brain fog!!! The worst!

So, let’s get down to business… (To defeat the Huns *Mulan song*) Ok, Ok…. Seriously, what is sleep? And why is it essential to our wellbeing?

According to Wikipedia, Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles, and reduced interactions with surroundings.[1]   Now that we know the definition of the word sleep, why is it so good for us? Sleep allows our bodies to recover: replenishes our body’s levels for our mental, hormonal, and physical health. It regenerates energy stores and repairs muscles. Most adults need anywhere from 7-10 hours of sleep. However, obtaining that amount of sleep in this generation’s hectic life style seems almost impossible for most. When being deficient from rest, it triggers increased levels of cortisol aka the stress hormone. In turn, we are sabotaging our weight loss efforts. Not cool! We have to make time for what’s most important.  Excuses are only generated for what we don’t really have a desire for in life. Whether we like it or not, sleep is a NEED.

So…. get to SLEEPING. See the bed….TAKE ALL THE SLEEP 🙌 💤

Keep Moving….

Progression is the slowest process ever! It can take months and even years for us to get where we want to be. Often, we tend to beat ourselves up when we fall off the “bandwagon”. The great thing is that we can always jump back on. Honestly, we will not always be positive either. We get down, we get discouraged, frustrated, angry, sad, depressed… just know that it is normal, and it’s ok to feel these emotions. However, everything gets better and will not always be “that bad”. We tend to get stuck on now, rather than what will be.  The future is only what we make it. Life is only what we make it. I personally struggle with negativity on a daily basis. Yet, I consistently keep trying. Trying means hope, and having faith. This life will never really get better because of imperfection. The way we handle it makes it livable and contentment attainable. (2 cor. 1:3, 4) If all else fails, Jehovah has your back. The moral of this post is never give up.

It has been three –five months that I have not resorted to my eating disorders, and that is progress even if I don’t look the way I want to look. It’s more about what is in the heart, but when you have physical appearance engraved in your brain to look a certain way, it is hard to change. Anything is possible, so I keep going.

Keep going, because that’s all we can do. How we feel today, is just a feeling, and feelings change!!!!


Just an FYI: There will be some random mentions in my blog that are not always fitness related

Moment of Truth

Ok! Fit Ladies,

How are the resolutions coming?

Were there good days, great days, and bad days?

Better believe it is going to happen, but not just to you. Everyone goes through it, yet that is part of the journey, isn’t it? There will not be good weeks without the bad weeks. It’s not giving up, and staying consistent. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

If you give up, you are right back where you started. You might fare worse than when you originally started. A positive outlook and blocking out negative remarks from others will get you to your goal. Also, I know you maybe comparing yourself to others, STOP. You aren’t them. You are you, and you are beautiful. Personally, I have a hard time with this. I even feel that if I don’t look a certain way, success, relationships and so on, won’t work out. How outrageous is that line of thinking?? A has nothing to do with B, nor C.

It’s what our hearts look like that can determine outcomes in our lives. Even our attitudes have far more of an impact of our situation than the situation its self. It sums up to this: BE POSITIVE AND LET THAT other shenanigans go. As for your heart, have a good one that gives more than takes. (Acts 20:35) Life is more fulfilled that way, and you worry less about things that you cannot change. For instance, we can change our fitness results, but we can’t speed up the process. Try to enjoy it, and please be healthy about it.

❧No more eating disorder destruction starting 2016- just love, life, laugh, and lift!!❧

Reinvent the Life that was Meant

Every New Year starts with the same old “New Year Resolutions”. Now, do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that. Granted, regardless of it being a New Year, just remember that every day is a new day to start over. With that being said, what are your goals for this year? Once you have established what you would like to reach for this year, it would be wise to write them down. Writing down your goals, along with saying them out loud or to a friend, will make those goals become more real to you. Though this website is about health, self-love, overall wellness, and fitness goals, anything that I feel is important to self-growth will be expressed through my blogs.

2016 GOALS for Myself

1. Spiritual goals – when one feels closer to god and has a relationship with him, our love of life increases. When we feel his love for us, we feel love for ourselves. God is love, thus what he loves, we must love. We don’t need anyone else but our creator, to love us. If we are good with him then wouldn’t we be good with ourselves? As long as I stay close to Jehovah, I know am worthy. My spiritual goal this year that will draw me closer to Jehovah is to preach in a different part of the country. There are many lands that need to be preached in! There is more happiness in giving than receiving (Acts 20:35).
2. Family goals- My family and I are very close. I wish to maintain that relationship. My goal however, is to be my family’s strength and solace, when they are confronted in a place of trepidation. I want them to know, feel, and see how much I love them.
3. Healthy goals- My health goal is to never sink back into any form of eating disorders and strive to just be healthy. This includes: loving my body regardless of how I think I look, knowing that I am more than just an image, feeling comfortable with me, and stop comparing myself to others.

I can only be me and try to be better than what I was the day before.
These are just a few of my goals, but I am more interested in my readers’ aspirations. I want you all to know and feel that we are all together in the same pursuit of happiness and strive to be better every day. If you feel that you are in a rut, maybe this blog can help you reevaluate what goals you would like to set for this year.

I hope since the time I have started Mermaids that Lift back in May 2015, I was able to help and inspire other. I have much love for people, seek to help others, and hope to motivate!

Let the New Year begin….

Motivation 64, No Repeats or Hesitation

Some of us have specific vices that motivate us. What motivates you?

  • A relationship?
  • Your kids?
  • A diet fad?
  • Pills?
  • Advertisement?
  • Event?

Those are all outside inspirational advocates. Yet, what is really needed is for ourselves to be our motivation. How can we become self-motivating? How do we believe in ourselves?

We need to learn to overcome barriers! Even when we may acquire knowledge about fitness, does not necessarily mean we will apply it. It takes desire and then action to reach a goal. Thus, we must live what we learn, know and preach.

Follow these 5 P’s to reach the success you wish to obtain for yourself!

P- rior





These 5 P’s have been instilled into my brain for my entire life in everything I do. (My dad was military!) Sometimes more than not, it is hard to apply this to reach our fitness goals. We often create excuses or fall out of our routine and then give up (either due to wanting fast results or self-loathing, and any form of negativity). So we ask ourselves, what do we do now that we have gotten to the point of “whatever” or “I don’t care”?? Put a positive spin on our “failings”. Like one wise baboon once said, “The past can hurt, but as I see it, you can learn from it or run from it! –Rafiki (The Lion King)

We have been created as creatures of flight or fight. How many of us stay and fight? Staying motivated for ourselves denotes positive thinking, self-confidence, focus and strength. Self-confidence will not let you give up on your healthy goals, even when you think you have ‘failed’. We cannot control everything! So, just keep going and try not to repeat past mistakes, nor listen to anyone’s critiques. This is your body, not theirs! If we let negativity digress our progress, we develop a defeatist attitude, throwing ourselves into insanity.

What is insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. (urbandictionary.com)

Implement that positive thinking to gain willingness to change, self-inspiration to never give up, and realizing that you are ENOUGH!Be nice to your body, and it will be nice to you. Also, don’t worry about the finishing product, focus on the journey of getting there. You will be there before you know it and the rest is history.

Hakuna Mata



Binge Eating Disorder

I had not realized how many individuals suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. It is a disorder that is not highly recognized, nor considered as a disorder. Yet, it is just as deadly as the others. If binge eating is not controlled, it will lead to obesity or be overweight. Granted, it is possible to be a normal weight, which can be obtained through overly exercising.

Binge Eating is a pattern of disordered eating which consists of episodes of uncontrollable eating. It is sometimes a symptom of binge eating disorder or compulsive overeating disorder. During such binges, a person rapidly consumes an excessive amount of food. (wikipedia.org)

If we are over-consuming food, and not burning more than we consume, we will gain weight. Being overweight or obese will cause many health problems! In some instances, someone with B.E.D will binge a day or two, then starve themselves for the next week or so to compensate for the calories that were consumed in one sitting or more. None of this behavior is healthy in the least! It can become an addiction, will be a habit, and becomes a cycle that will ruin the mental and emotional capabilities that one possesses.

We can overcome anything that we want to overcome! It will take dedication, consistency, and possibly therapy. B.E.D may surface due to an underlying issue. By seeking therapy or going to a physician, they can help determine what may be causing the binge eating. It usually happens due to a trigger from a current event or emotional response from something currently ongoing or from the past, or due to the mere deprivation from food to lose weight. Whichever reason it is, that is not how to handle stress, depression, anxiety, or loss of control.

On Saturday, October 10, 2015, I will be walking in a NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) Event to support the cause. Not only am I doing it for myself, but to encourage others to save their life. NEDA has many support groups and tons of information for self-help. Educate yourself, believe in your worth, and keep fighting.

Loving yourself can set you free, save your life, and is the greatest love of all.


Save a life… Yours 🏥

Seeking help may seem as if it were a cowardly act. Is it?

Many may feel embarrassed or too prideful to admit when they simply need the help.
Stop. It is not cowardly, but humble. Stop being prideful, being the know it all. Stop looking down on those who do seek help, and commend them for making the change for themselves. No one is above help, we are not perfect. Can you accept that we are imperfect…. easier said than done, isn’t it?
I have a type A personality, where I constantly feel like I have to reach perfection, causing more harm to myself through stress and self-depreciation.
Seeking help actually makes you not only humble, but a strong person. Does seeking help from a doctor when we are sick make us weak because we couldn’t find the cure ourselves? No, it makes us better, because the doctor can diagnose the sickness and prescribe the right medicine. Help may come in many forms; doctor, counselor, family, friend, and etc. They can brighten our perspective on the current issue at hand.

If help is so humiliating, how and why is it?
Do you believe in humility?
Do you not want to get better, stronger, and happier?

When suffering from self-destructing habits, depression, self-torment, and so on, please lose the pride and gain the strength. Be the better person for yourself, and turn to the appropriate avenue of help.

Say you are a parent. Your child is sick. What’s the first thing you do? Verify the symptoms and plan to visit a trained physician. But why? You love your child so much that you need and want your baby to feel better. The doctor preforms a series of tests during the checkup, provides a diagnosis, as well as the medicine needed to be administered regularly. As you follow the directions given by the physician, you notice the child is starting to feel better. *snaps fingers* And just like that, your child is back to themselves.

If we are willing to take care of others, should we not even more so do this for ourselves? We cannot help others if we aren’t well ourselves. Not every battle will be won when fought alone. Sometimes the professional help is the only solution.

Eating disorders are not an overnight fix. They do not just go away. It’s a mental sickness. Help yourself, by listening to the professional’s advice. Make that step to have that healthy lifestyle that you dream of.

LOVE YOUR GORGEOUS SELF. Choose happiness, choose health, CHOOSE LIFE…. Learn humility and ask for help. Saving a life, YOUR life will be worth it to those who love you, especially our creator.

I applaud my fellow women fitness enthusiasts who keep fighting everyday…. I am right there with you. ✌

I choose life, Do you?


Touching base with your emotions😀😌😕😠😭😙

“If you allow yourself to be bored, even for an hour –or less- and don’t fight it, the feelings of boredom will be replaced with feelings of peace.” (Carlson, pg. 49)

How beautifully put! We are constantly trying to find things to do, whether to avoid being still or avoid dealing with emotions. What’s so wrong with quiet time? Why are we supposed to shun our emotions? Does being emotional make us weak? Absolutely not! Showing emotion is normal and shows how strong we are. If Jesus, a perfect man, was able to express heart felt emotion; should we not be able to as well? Emotions help us to deal with everything we feel inside that has a physical and extreme mental effect on us.
In relation to women trying to lose weight, emotional responses have detrimental effects.

First off, we have hormones aka estrogen. When the hormones are thrown into a world of chaos, it causes our menstrual cycle to become inconsistent. This can tend to make us gain weight, be angry, extremely moody, overly tired, ANYTHING NEGATIVE and etc.

What is estrogen? Estrogen is produced by the ovaries and in smaller amounts by the adrenal cortex.(MNT, 2003) It is the role of growth and development of the female secondary sexual characteristics. Our bodies produce specific amounts it needs. But what happens when your body produces too much estrogen and what are the signs?

Symptoms: bloating, swelling of the breasts, decreased sex drive, irregular periods, headaches, mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, cold hands or feet, tired, lacking energy, difficulty with memory, trouble sleeping, and etc.(Healthline.com)

Not only are these symptoms, but results of what happens to our bodies. If your estrogen stays elevated, you may be at a higher risk of breast cancer. About a month or two ago, I felt a lump. A. If it’s not near your armpit, then most likely it isn’t cancerous. B. Regardless, you should get it checked out.
I don’t listen, and didn’t get it checked out. Granted, it wasn’t near my armpit. Please don’t be like me.

We can clearly see, how and what hormones can do to our bodies. Sometimes regardless of weight loss efforts, it won’t make a difference if you are experiencing female problems. SEE A DOCTOR! Most men who try to give advice, do not understand this and think they know everything.

Does this not seem like our emotions would be whacked out if our bodies are working against us? We can’t control things that happen to us or our bodies, but we can control the way we react to it! That’s the goal. It is ok for us to cry, be angry, etc. but try to not be overly expressive. This is hard for me to do… I think most women can relate. Yet, we must strive to control ourselves. Another goal is to strive for happiness, and if we can’t be happy, then be content. Even if our emotions drive us to be tired and want to confine ourselves to our homes, get out and do something… Just walking into the sunlight makes a world of a difference. Emotions have the power to control us if we let them. Do we really want anything controlling us? I think NOT.
If you are experiencing this in your life, I hope it helps and if not, you just learned something! *Mind Blown* LOLOL.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading 😉 😍


ADF, the fitness ADD ☠

Ok, before I finish my other post… I want to address adrenal glands. I have previously talked about how cortisol hinders weight loss. Sadly, so does adrenal fatigue. All the pre-workout supplements we take, the excess of caffeine, weight loss pills, and etc. all effects the adrenal glands ability to work naturally.

What is adrenal fatigue, you ask?

Ok, ok. I shall tell you  ✴

Adrenal fatigue is a direct result of the adrenal glands not functioning properly. The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and secrete adrenaline allowing your body to react properly to stress. Yet, when these adrenal glands have been exhausted… you may turn to outside resources for energy (coffee, caffeine pills).  It is important not to burn out the adrenal glands because the adrenal cortex hormone, includes hydrocortisone aka cortisol. Though we have discussed cortisol, we shall revisit the fact that it regulates how the body converts fats, proteins, and carbs into energy. When the adrenal glands are not functioning properly, it doesn’t allow your body to convert your food into energy properly. Thus, your weight loss will be affected negatively.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue consist of tiredness, inability to utilize personal energy efficiently, overwhelmed, rundown, crave sweets and so on.

According to Dr. Jennifer Landa, 66% of the world population is affected by adrenal fatigue. (foxnews.com)

Thankfully, there are natural treatments to combat adrenal fatigue!

I take Adrenal Support, already stated in the cortisol post. But there are other herbs that can be taken instead; Licorice root, Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, Omega-3, just to name a few.  Then there is food!

  1. You must avoid the foods that you may be allergic too or have little tolerance for. ☹
  2. You might want to take Probiotics if you do have a sensitivity to foods in order to strengthen your gut. IM NOT A DOCTOR… CONTACT ONE, before taking any of these supplements or suggestions in relation to food intolerances. I have lactose intolerance and take probiotics to help with my gut flora.
  3. You want to cut out sugar and of course ANY CAFFEINE so that your body can repair itself.
  4. Drink water.
  5. Eat whole foods!!!

I try to do all of these. Adrenal support by Now costs $14.48, depending on where you buy it. It has helped me, but I have to try to abstain from coffee. I used to love coffee… but after not drinking it so much… the taste isn’t so great.

This is just a tidbit on what could be the culprit to the negative effects of your weight loss journey.

Happy Reading ☺