Plethora of Data

There are countless websites, books, social media, and etc. that pertains to dieting and exercising. Which is the best, most accurate information? Honestly, it is mainly based on mathematics. A friend of mine would constantly reiterate that to me. I would listen, and then feel stressed about not losing weight fast enough and turn to alternative ways to get the weight off faster. BOOM, the weight comes back. He was right o.O
Regardless of how you eat (carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, and etc.), it all comes back to the math. Out vs. In. Luckily, Google offers countless mathematic equations that can be auto-filled for you to enter your own personal information.

Ex. Of the Mathematical Weight Loss Equations

For Women between the ages 18-29:
(14.8 x kg body wt.)+487 then you will multiply by (1.4) if you are sedentary, (1.6) active or (1.8) for vigorously active. * I want to point out that this is in KG. You will need to find your weight in lbs.*

This will provide you with your daily energy requirements based on your bodies needs. In order to lose weight, you will need to cut out 500 calories from your calorie expenditure. Below is an example of a chart of measurement used to determine your health. Most people use the BMI (body mass index) charts. Waist circumference charts are just as effective.

Waist circumference:
Under weight: <64 cm (women)

Normal: 64-80 cm (women)

Overweight: 80-88 cm (women)

Obese: >88 cm (women)

These are samples to help you determine which category you may fall in. So you can take the appropriate action to get healthy or get to where you want to be. HEALTHY WAY, PLEASE! Same goes for counting macros, as well as counting calories burned during training sessions. Burn more than you consume = weight loss.

Our bodies naturally burn about 1000 calories or more in order to live, think, and perform daily tasks. So, don’t eat 500 calories and burn 1000, thinking that is healthy. That would be disorder territory. Refer to the Macro counting blog to enter your personal info into the “Those Macros Tho” link. It will take you to a useful calculator to break down the carbs, protein, fiber, and fats that you should consume tailored to your goals.

Facts for Reference:
1. Women should consume 25 g of fiber a day.
2. Labels are not necessarily accurate. (Read the ingredients on everything you buy, esp. for hidden sugar!!)
3. If you cannot spell it, say it, don’t eat it.
4. More than 10 ingredients usually means  it is processed. (Don’t eat it)
5. Adults between the ages 18-64 need 150 min. of moderate activity or 75 min. of vigorous activity, including two strength training sessions a week.
6. You must stay hydrated! 8 glasses a day 🍻

I can go on and on, but I think that this is useful, basic information that you can start applying now to become healthy the right way.

Take care of yourself, and for goodness sake, DO THE MATH! hehe. ✎ +-*/ ✐📊


Patience is Virtue ✌

patienceWhen it comes to patience, not many of us acquire this humble skill. I plead the fifth. Not only in life is patience necessary, but especially in weight loss/fitness. When our bodies feel stressed, it holds onto weight. Which, in turn, causes us to become more frustrated, increasing cortisol, equaling failed fitness goals met.

What is cortisol?

Cortisol is what is called the “stress hormone”. It is the adrenal hormone essential to maintain homeostasis ( It affects many responses in our bodies. The one symptom that stands out the most to me is the Fat, Protein, Carb metabolism for maintaining blood glucose. Up until the age 25, I could lose body fat pretty fast, yet gain it back just as quickly. Now, I find that I can still gain it quickly and lose it so slow. 😒 This is why macro counting is so effective and goes along with cortisol maintenance.
I never really had a belly before and this is my first time carrying more fat there! I loathe it. I am a highly stressed individual and I am sure my cortisol has increased within the past few months. Some steps I take to help alleviate stress are walks in the park, hiking, beach trips, reading, knitting, writing, blogging, THE GYM!, spending time with loved ones… anything that can help decrease my stress levels. I even take adrenal fatigue support to help with my stress. (Can be bought at any local natural health store) Granted, some of my stomach is due to poor dieting or lack of movement. Now, that I have a desk job, I do a lot less than before. 😟

Anyway…… constantly ranting….. Back to patience. We can see the harmful effect that lack of patience can produce. It harms our minds and bodies. It will almost always sabotage our fitness efforts. Let me help you, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at this article ‘Why Patience Can Make You Lose Weight Faster’

All of us want the end result, but why not enjoy the actual journey getting to it. I tend to stay irritated and annoyed when I am impatient with my body changing. That isn’t changing a thing. Let’s enjoy the journey together with a patient attitude.

Luke 12:25, “Who of you by being anxious can add a cubit* to his life span?”

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Today, I will discuss Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I think many of us may actually have this or some form of its symptoms without even realizing it. Those who have been overweight one time or another in their life seem to grasp that image in their mind and refuse to let it go, no matter what they actually look like to others or in reality. I know for a fact that I have gained weight compared to what I was about 6 months ago. Granted, what I see may not be what others see. I just see someone who is obese and has a lot of weight to lose.  When I was a size 0, I just knew I was so fat and had to lose more weight. When I looked at pictures, I was mortified.

First of all, pictures can be taken in many angles allowing a person to look bigger or smaller versus what they look like in person. Second, I seemed to be having a misconstrued self-image. Because now when I look at those pictures, I finally see what other people saw.  I was thin. I wonder will it be the same case when I am bigger than I am now, and think to myself, “Wow, I did not look as bad as I thought I was.”

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (n) is a psychological disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance. (

How can this be combated?

In all honesty…. beats me.

Remember, this blog is to inspire others and me. I do not have all the answers. I have to do constant research to find them. I just want to make it easier for my audience in learning, meanwhile healing myself in the process.

ADAA stands for Anxiety and Depression Association of America. By clicking the link, it will directly bring you to the information I am about to summarize regarding Body Dysmorphia.  The definition above has already been stated but here are some symptoms of those with this disorder.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder symptoms:

  • Constant dwelling on flaws
  • Obsessing
  • Emotional distress caused due to this negative thinking
  • Becoming introverted
  • OCD


Note to readers: this disorder affects men and women equally*****


If this sounds like you or someone you know, do the research, and seek help!!!!


At one point, I am almost positive that I experienced symptoms of body dysmorphia to an extent. Granted, I have never been diagnosed with this disorder, so this is A NONFACTUAL self-diagnosis. I am blogging about it because this disorder does exist.  I just want to help other people in any way I can by educating on things to look out for and to abstain from these sorts of behaviors.


This is not a healthy way of life. But that is the goal… to be healthy and active.

body dysmorphia pic

Is Self ♡ Love…. attainable?

This blog post is inspirational and positive, but that would be a false sense of who I still am at this point in my life regarding self-love. I can be positive in certain aspects of my life, but my weight and looks are not one of them. This will be a constant battle for me….. I, honestly feel repulsed by what I see in the mirror. I am sure many of you can relate at some point in your own lives.  If not, bravo to you! I say that with sincerity because I do wish I wasn’t so self-degrading at any point in my life. Yet, here we are. I am stating pure truth and fact about myself.  I do not know what self-love is… Granted, I am working hard to learn it. I really just need help in achieving it because honestly, I don’t know how to.

Any audience help on this one is appreciated.

What do I believe self-love is?

I believe that self-love is to know ones worth and appreciating yourself, regardless, of what others may think of you.

In comparison to what the real definition is:

Self-love (noun) by definition means regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic) (

Along the same lines….    

Knowing something, such as a meaning of a word and believing it…. are sadly two different things.

I am not sure what triggered my loathing for myself…..

As a person: I, Ashrielle, am: sensitive, caring, loving, testy, truthful, childlike, funny, Cray, ambivalent, ambivert (extrovert-introvert combination), passionate, addictive, quirky, OCD at times, forgiving, type A personality, strive for perfection (this equals nonexistent), over-thinker and a feeler.

All these adjectives can be good and bad, but it does not make me a bad person. I am a great person, in a non-conceited way. Yet, when it comes to body image, I have the longest list imaginable of grotesque features that I want to change. The problem is….. In health, you need to be balanced. Balanced in fitness/health does not = me. I am trying as hard as I can to have this self-love and positive enlightenment of myself. That is why I initially created this blog. I think that if maybe I can help others see how beautiful they are, then I will see it within myself. Also, a great teacher known as Jesus, states in Acts 20:35: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” In regards to this bible verse and mantra of life, it is the absolute truth. Giving to others and helping others makes me the happiest I have ever been. In which, exercising this way of life has given me self-worth to the extent of knowing what I deserve as a human being, in a relationship, out of a career, etc. Body image, though, is lacking HUMONGOUSLY.  Thus, I cannot state that I have self-love or preach to an audience about obtaining it.

It took me so long to write this blog due to the current issue at hand. I refuse to lie and preach about something I do not possess within myself.

On this journey, I am learning myself… Thus, any feedback is appreciated and commended.



Intermittent Fasting

Not many of you know about Intermittent Fasting. This can be a beneficial way to lower body fat percentage, but please exercise caution when implanting I.F. in your lifestyle. If you have a tendency to practice anorexia, abstain from this form of dieting. You have an 8 hour window to eat and can eat the desired caloric intake for your fitness goals. Granted, when I was leaning toward anorexia, I still wouldn’t meet my caloric intake for the day. Thus, would eventually relapse back to bulimia. When done properly (by actually eating!!!!!) this has proved to be the best way for me to see results.


So, what is intermittent fasting?

It requires 16 hours of fasting and provides an 8 hour window to ingest your caloric intake for the day (this includes your macros).

Like Macro counting, it is just another flexible way to implement a healthier diet for each day of your fitness journey. It is easier to schedule meals and to count macros with accuracy.

This a Medical Study to refer to when considering I.F. and if it would be beneficial for you.

Macro Dieting

A more balanced form of dieting that does not leave you hungry or causes regression to eating disorder relapses is Marco Counting.

This has been the only effective way for me to stay nutritionally focused and from harming myself. The website provided below (Those Macros Tho) is one that I use in order to find out how many calories I am permitted to eat in order to loose weight, and what my macros should be daily. ***Note the days you are not physically active you may eat less if desired without having to meet your macros esp. when you are not hungry.*** And I find that if I am not hungry even on work out days, I do not force myself to meet them because it creates a binge eating reaction for me that is not healthy and contrary to macro dieting.

I hope that this helps to kick start a healthy lifestyle for you as well  💛  ♕

Those Macros Tho

What constitutes failure?

Failure….lack of success(, we have all experienced this at one point or another in our lives. For some it may be everyday due to addictions or personal struggles. But true failure is the willingness to give up. Everyone has struggles and may not conquer with a victory every time but this will ultimately makes us stronger. If we turn to giving up, we are no longer fighting and wasting away in a world that was meant to be beautiful and happy.
As for my personal struggle, it has been my eating disorder addictions. For four months, I was able to completely abstain from this form of behavior but finally cracked due to stress and overwhelming emotion. It has always been the easiest thing to turn to. But what is the underlying reason? Being overly emotional? lack of self control? Perhaps both.
As masters of our own lives, we crave control in order to function>> how we feel, what we do, what happens daily, etc. But that is a false expectation on how life really is. Yes, there are some things that we can control, like how much food we eat, whether or not we exercise, what we think about, TV we are wiling to watch, what we read, etc….. but unexpected things will happen no matter how hard we try to control our lives. When this happens, how are we going to handle it?
There is a better alternative in handling these circumstances. Instead of when being stressed, turning to food or abstaining from food entirely, which only leads to harming ourselves… we need to find constructive ways to cope. Maybe we can go for a walk… call a friend.. or take a bubble bath… anything besides harming ourselves. Because in the end what do we get? More self loathing, feelings of non control, and nothing but negativity consumes us.
Now, none of us are perfect.. these things will not work every time. As long as we are still trying we are not failing. 😘

Ups & Downs

Fitness has many ups and downs. Everyday we feel a different way about our selves and our bodies. Our mental state has a huge bearing on what we may see in the mirror opposed to what others may see.

We are our own worst critics. I can attest to this to the maximum degree. According to other individuals, I critique myself way to hard. Yet, I know how I like to see myself and how I feel in my clothes. Maybe to others I look better at a certain weight but to me, I do not see what they see. Granted when you develop eating disorders, you form what is called “Body Dysmorphia”. I was at one time 130 lbs with a BMI of 26, which is considered over weight. I do not know what my fat percentage was but obviously, I had more fat than muscle. That look has stayed ingrained in my mind since I was 16.

I had never been that big for my 5’2″ frame before and was extremely depressed. Once I realized how big I was, my depression deepened. But in order to keep weight off, you have to be consistent. I am finally starting to learn to implement this in my life the healthy way. I allow emotions to over take me when I am extremely stressed out which triggers my disorders. I was consistent for 5 years with not eating (starvation, anorexia) thus, I was able to stay the same weight at (110 lbs, 15% bf) but is that a healthy approach?… NO.  The past two years have been bulimia 😧 Granted, I know some anorexics go down to 90 lbs or lower for a 5’2″ height but on me, some thought that my face was too sunken in…. I did not see that at all, just fat.

It has been 4 months since my last relapse, and even though I may not look how I want… I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. I have good days and bad days. But we must not let the bad days dictate our diet efforts! I know you other women out there understand where I am coming from and I am not alone. We need to help each other🙋


It begins….

Along this fitness journey, I will be completely honest about how I feel and the progress I experience. Every day is a challenge like I have expressed before. I am so used to either starving myself or starve, binge, and purging, that I get frustrated a lot more now when refraining from doing those things.

Due to that, my weight loss is taking much longer. Even counting macros doesn’t seem to matter because regardless, I do not see any physical results from my efforts. The thing with macros is you have to reach them and not go over or under. If you are under of course you’re going to lose weight but not maintain the muscle mass, which in turn gives you that skinny fat look. You will fit in your clothes but have squishy fat. Going over your macros cause you to gain weight or possibly stay the same if your within your calories but Carbs, Fats, and Protein. You cannot be higher in one than the other because macro eating is balanced.

Right now, my body seems to want to stay the same. None of my clothes seem to fit, but supposedly my fat percentage went done by 1% within the last two weeks. I suppose they fit better than they did before the two weeks I started back counting but that’s the problem with being impatient. When I was impatient before I would just stop eating, boom weight drops. Duh! I am starving. There is nothing wrong with feeling a little hungry. A lot of times we may think we are hungry when in turn, we are thirsty. Or we are emotionally eating because we are bored, sad, and etc. Those things will sabotage our weight loss efforts in a minute. Balance is crucial!

The most annoying thing in the world to me is meal prep. I cannot stand doing it. But when you want to look a certain way and stay within you calorie expenditure and macros, you have to. I think it frustrates me because when I was younger, I would never meal prep and weighed 17 lbs less than I do now. That is another thing…. I obsess over the scale more than my body fat percent. The scale drives me insane because it refuses to drop. I weigh the exact same that I did two weeks ago but my body fat did decrease.

This is going to be a long process, and extremely hard for me trying to do this the right way instead of the easy way. But the easy way always reverts back to weight gain. I maintained a low body weight and was a size 0-2 for 5 years but within the last three, I go from 2-4-6 like a roller coaster. Granted, when I was 0-2, I just didn’t eat…. And slept A LOT. Healthy? No…


Here’s to trying to do it the right way… *raises water glass*

Fitness Tid Bits

For many of us, we do not know how to properly incorporate nutritional eating into our daily diets. I struggle with this concept daily. For the longest time, I would starve myself to drop quick weight or eat 500 calories a day and work out for an hour or two doing cardio. Of course I lost weight, but lost muscle mass at the same time. What happens when your body goes into starvation mode? You increase your calorie intake yet still exercise? You gain weight with an increase of body fat. This is detrimental to your health and mental well being. Its not consistent.
You will always stay in a yo-yo weight management for the rest of your life. It may lead to deep depression, self loathing, and cause you to hide from the world. I do not need to support my statements with statistical data because I have lived this life first hand.
This is the first time in my life at 25 years young, that I am trying to do things the healthy way! This is not only for my body but mainly for a healthy mental state. Weight should not be an essence of who we are, its just something that we may have higher or lower at points in our lives. We mustn’t let it define WHO we are.
We are women, we ARE beautiful! If someone does not like what they see, then they should NOT look! And their negative comments should be a breeze in the wind to us, because WE ARE ConFidenT, StrOnG, & BeAutIfuL women 🙌